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¿Qué son los vídeos UGC y cómo pueden aumentar tus ventas?


Nowadays, the reality is that people distrust perfect content. What they expect is for their aunt, grandmother, or cousin to recommend the product to them. That's why User Generated Content (UGC) has become a tremendous power for brands.

Specifically, UGC videos increase sales and improve the connection between people who buy and brands. Today we will explore how you can use a good UGC strategy in your marketing and how Stockers can help you make the most of it.

What are UGC videos?

User Generated Content (UGC) videos are those created by users or customers of a brand who share their experiences with products or services through platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Usually, these can be videos that explain the product, an unboxing, or simply the product in use because it is very useful or eye-catching. You can also create funny and attention-grabbing videos to attract more views. Since they are homemade, they usually show a more real and genuine side, which could never be achieved by a well-produced advertisement. We're not saying that beautiful, well-crafted videos shouldn't exist, but when it comes to selling certain dropshipping products, it's better to show the product as it is.

Advantages of using UGC videos

  1. Increased engagement

First and foremost, user-generated content produces many more interactions, likes, comments, or shares than more traditional content. Additionally, if the content is created by someone who has an impact, such as an influencer, it gives them more recognition because they genuinely share their opinions and tastes with their followers, thereby demonstrating closeness.

  1. Greater credibility

Think about it, when someone, for example, a friend, tells you about a burger restaurant they loved. That experience becomes more real, positive, and it's more likely that someone will trust it. Therefore, a UGC video is supported by that familiar reality for us.

  1. Facilitates the purchasing decision process

If you see someone using a product, it's most likely that you can imagine yourself using it. If you see how that decoration or gadget looks in a real home, with a real person, it's most likely that you can relate it to your own situation. That is undoubtedly a turning point when deciding whether or not to buy that product.

How to implement UGC videos in your strategy

  1. Identify the appropriate platforms

UGC content may not work the same way on all social media platforms. Even on each social network, UGC content may vary and be created in slightly different ways.

Let's take TikTok as an example, where videos are more direct, short, and aim to be as faithful to reality as possible. On another platform like Instagram, videos may be longer, a bit more polished, but with that homemade touch.
  1. Encourage your customers to create content

One of the most important advantages is that UGC content, if we have a good product, can be generated by our own customers. We can incentivize them by organizing contests, specific experiences using a hashtag, or offering discounts in exchange for a brief review.

Stockers Supplier: Your ally in enhancing the use of UGC video

At Stockers, with a wide range of services and experiences focused on the world of online sales, we can help you generate that content. Whether it's assisting you with the strategy through mentoring or even in our own video service for ads, requesting UGC videos for your products. This way, we can achieve your goals alongside you and make your store a successful place, increasing your sales and strengthening the relationship with your audience.


As we have seen, a homemade video is an incredibly powerful tool that improves organic reach on social media, increases sales, and enhances trust with our consumers. By implementing an effective strategy in the long term and involving your users, you will gain tremendous ground and take advantage of this trending phenomenon.


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