Cómo mejorar tu tienda de Shopify para vender más

How to improve your Shopify store to sell more

Give your Shopify store a boost and become the king of sales!

If you run a dropshipping store , you know that having an attractive, gorgeous, and easy-to-use site is just as important as cooling off on a summer day.

Sure, having thousands of products is great (we all want to be the next Amazon!), but you also need to make sure you have a friendly and flawless design to increase your sales.

So sit down, get comfortable, and read on: here are some stellar tips for improving your Shopify store.

1.An attractive design

Yes, my friend, you read that right: if you want to sell until you drop, you must take maximum care of that first meeting between you and your clients (or rather... your website!). Love at first sight exists:

  • Play with bright or elegant colors depending on the perfect visual identity to conquer hearts. (be very careful when choosing colors that make you need sunglasses)
  • Make menu navigation as easy as possible; think about how you find your socks every morning without difficulty. The menu must be intuitive and clear.
  • Post irresistible images showing all possible angles of the product. Who can resist? Accompany them with detailed descriptions.

2. Your SEO should shine like a summer day

SEO is that great unknown to the general public.

Yes, everyone has heard of it, but no one has ever seen it.

All those SEO gurus do nothing but sell you that you can do the best SEO by following in their footsteps, but the reality is quite different (thanks to Neil Patel, a true SEO expert). The SEO that works is the one in which the content is USEFUL and of VALUE for your clients.

To achieve this, remember to use relevant keywords either in descriptive titles or internal pages. So Google will be a number one fan, always recommending you before any other online option.

Also add reviewing the technical SEO, which is nothing more than your website loading fast, the descriptions and texts are good (with their corresponding labels). To do this, use Shopify apps like SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed ​​or SEOAnt SEO & Image Optimizer .

Google SEO Magnifying Glass | Google SEO Magnifying Glass Wh… | flickr

3.Promotions and discounts: Make wallets shake!

We all know how good it feels to find a bargain.

Offering promotions and discounts can be a very effective strategy to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

In fact, this technique has been used for decades in the marketing world and has been shown to significantly increase sales.

By offering discounts, customers are incentivized to buy more and often, which can lead to an increase in the number of products sold and customer satisfaction.

The trick is to offer product packs, a second unit at a 50% discount and thus increase the average ticket.

4.Unimpeded shopping

Imagine shopping in a mall with broken escalators...

How awful! We do not allow something like this on our website.

Try to make the payment process fast and intuitive; Trust will be key in the process for your clients. Do not hide last minute information.

No one likes to go around the store without finding a clerk to answer a few questions.

Do not hide descriptions , make them clear and think about each product. What does the customer expect from each one? Do you want to know the dimensions? Do you want to know that color how well it will combine with your living room?

Put data at their fingertips.

5. Social networks as allies

Don't underestimate the power of "likes." TikTok , Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can become your best friends if you use them correctly by showing the products.

TikTok is the fashionable social network, and of course, with a good network strategy we can attract an audience without going crazy with advertising.

After all, who doesn't prefer that customers come alone for those trendy videos that they like so much? We control spending, attract audiences organically and thus increase profitability.

Graphic: TikTok continues to reign | Statista

6. Make the customer feel special

Customer service is like that oversized ice cream after a day in the hot sun: comforting, necessary, and unforgettable when it's excellent.

Make sure you are always available offering support in case of any inconvenience. Make it clear how much you value their opinions during the purchase and the hours in which they can find you.

So, my friend, you will have guaranteed success by following these tips, improving your Shopify store to unsuspected limits.

Are you ready?

Become king of close friendly sales right now ecommerce world

Forward future tycoon!


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